Home Decor Lust List #1


If you read my post about living with your parents and your boyfriend you’ll know I don’t have a place of my own currently. So I spend an unhealthy amount of time looking at home decor and daydreaming about how I would decorate my own home (check out my Pinterest Home Board). These are just some of the things on my current Home Decor Lust List. I’ll leave links to all these pieces if you are interested in them.

This armchair looks so comfy and reminds me of a chair my nan used to have in her house that I adored. 

The theme of my house (yes I've already thought of a theme) would be sort of shabby chic with splashes of bright colours and I think this rug would be perfect for some of the bright colour.

I love this white rose garland I think they would just add a perfect little touch to a bedroom. It would look so beautiful around a mirror.

These are so cute! I think they would look great in a bedroom holding necklaces or bracelets.

I think this gorgeous! I would be able to put some of my (many) books on the shelf part or maybe a candle then hang my keys from the hooks.  

I love this table so much! It looks really elegant and would look so pretty with some flowers or an ornament on top of it.

I am a cushion addict I have soo many in my room at the moment I don’t think I’m ever going to stop buying them. I love the print on this one from H&M, would look lovely on my armchair I’m lusting after.

I love having photos all around me in beautiful frames and this one from H&M is a lovely colour and size.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found something you liked for your home, please let me know with a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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