Great Life Lessons From Game of Thrones


As Game of Thrones has now returned to our screens, hooray! The wait is finally over! I’m going to share with you some of the better life lessons Game of Thrones teaches. Don’t worry there are not going to be any spoilers. If any of you don’t know what GOT is or what is about I would suggest watching or reading the books not because I can't to be bothered to explain but that it so big it’s hard to explain but expect: death, betrayal, war, politics, love oh and yeah dragons! Just to note that these quotes I am using are from the series as I haven’t read the books yet.

“You waste your time trying to get people to love you, you’ll end up the most popular dead man in town” -Bronn
Okay so most of us won’t end up dead if we try and make people like us. But worrying about what everyone thinks and trying to make them love you will mean you waste time not achieving what it is you that you really want.

“Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour and it can be never be used to hurt you.”- Tyrion
Instead of pretending that you are something you are not instead accept what it is you really are and embrace it. If you love who you are or what you are then no one can use it against you.

“A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep”- Tywin
Don’t waste your time worrying about what people say behind your back, the people who back stab are not the sort of people whose opinions should matter to you.

A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone”- Tyrion
The best way to feed your mind is by reading, reading is the way in which the mind finds and keeps new knowledge.

“How can a man be brave when he is afraid? That is the only time a man can be brave.”-Ned/Rob Stark
Doing something even though it scares you is exactly what being brave is. There is nothing wrong with being afraid. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and that any GOT fans reading enjoyed the season premier. These are just a few of the awesome quotes and lessons from Game of Thrones I’d love to hear what your favourites are so please leave a comment.

Thank you for reading!

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