Get Ready With Me: Morning Makeup Routine


This is my daily makeup routine, after I’ve had shower (and more importantly a coffee) this is how I do my everyday makeup look. This is how I do my make up for just an ordinary day, going to lectures or meeting friends and so on. So let’s go through it step by step, starting with my naked face (I apologise for any nightmares I may cause).

I put on Maybelline Baby Skin Primer in Cool Rose. This primer is great as it really brightens up my skin and my make up stays put for so much longer. I put on a pea sized amount and rub in properly so that it’s not just a layer on top of my skin. I then wait a minute for that to absorb even more.

Next I apply my foundation, I’ve currently been loving Maybelline dream Flawless nude foundation. It provides excellent coverage without looking cakey or making me look bright orange. A little really goes a long way.

This is the love of my life (sorry boyfriend!), Benefit’s Fine One One lip and cheek tint. It transforms my usually pale dull skin giving it a really healthy glow. I sweep it up from the apples of my cheeks towards my temples then blend it in.

I then lock in all my work on my face using L’Oreals Nude Magique BB powder. This is great as it gives my skin a matte finish and provides that little bit of extra coverage without making my makeup look heavy.

Due to a terrible decision when I was younger to pluck my eyebrows until they were just a thin line, I think I have really odd eyebrows. I don’t really like the shape as they grow in random patches. But I use Maybelline BROWdrama brow mascara, it gives my eyebrows a bit of definition and makes them look a bit fuller, this product make me as happy as I can be with my eyebrows.

I use Maybelline Big Eyes mascara to make my lashes to look longer, my best friend recommended it to me and she was totally right. The two brushes make it so much easier to do both the bottom and top lashes. I use the bigger brush on my top lashes and the smaller one of my bottom lashes. I use two coats and if there are any clumps I work them out with the little brush.

In order to make my lips super soft I use Lush’s Mint Julips lip scrub. Oh my, this stuff is amazing! It really exfoliates my lips and makes them feel smooth it’s great in the winter when my lips are a bit dryer. The only problem is it tastes too amazing, exactly like mint chocolate.

I like to have a little colour on my lips in the daytime but not too much so I use Maybelline Baby Lips in either Pink Punch or Pink Shock, depending on my mood. I don’t know why some people give bad reviews of Baby Lips they are so quick and easy to use and they give your lips just that little bit of colour.

I get a weird looks from my friends and my boyfriend when I do this but I get a can of cheap hairspray, hold it at arms length and spritz my face. Obviously keeping my eyes closed at all times. It sets my make up and makes it last throughout the day so I don’t have to go off for a touch up.

So that’s my morning makeup routine, I hope you enjoyed this post. I’d love to hear how you get ready in the mornings so please leave a comment.

Thank you reading!  

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