#DearMe- Advice I'd Give My Younger Self

Oh Young Ella there are so many pieces of advice I would want to tell you, so many things to warn you about or to tell you to watch out for. But lets face it you are bit of a stubborn mare and probably wouldn’t listen anyway. So I’m going to tell my readers, these are the things that I would tell my younger self if I could magically go back and meet her.

  1. Never degrade yourself for a man’s attention. I won’t go into detail but when I was younger I was pressured into doing something I was completely uncomfortable with but a guy I was smitten for. For some reason I thought this would make him fall for me, I was stupid. It’s one of my greatest regrets and if I could I would tell the younger me that a man that pressures you into doing something you don’t want to is not a man you want to be with. Lose the guy and keep your dignity.

  1. Smoking is not cool. I caved into peer pressure and started smoking socially, because everyone else did it. And if I’m being totally honest I thought it was cool, oh the shame! Smoking is definitely not cool. It’s a disgusting habit that ruins your health and has destroyed so many peoples’ lives.

  1. Concentrate on your education. Spending time with your friends and having fun is completely fine and necessary but don’t let allow the dramas teenage life to take over and stop you concentrating. You like learning and plus you’ll need the good grades to get where you want in life.

  1. Tell someone you have depression. You know those bad feelings that sometimes take over so that you feel like you and your life are spiralling out of control? Those aren’t you just being “weird”  or a “drama queen”, it’s called depression and it’s important you talk to someone about it. The minute you do, you’ll start feeling so much better, get the help you need and learn the most lesson in life, you aren’t alone.

  1. You are going to go out with a lot of less than desirable characters. Mr Potato Head as our good friend Emily nicknamed him is one example of this. You’ll go out with people who make you feel awful about yourself, treat you terribly but eventually you’ll meet someone you makes you feel amazing, unbelievably loved and save. His name is Dan and likes Marvel films.

  1. Don’t cut your fringe yourself! Why on earth did you think this was a good idea? No cutting a fringe is not simple it is hard and you’re going to make a complete mess of it. Also, plucking your eyebrows so that they are just a thin line is not a good plan, you’re going to look like an alien. Put the tweezers down and walk away.

  1. Some of your fashion choices will be questionable. Girl what were you thinking? Writing slogans on your jeans? Tucking all your hair into that hat? No. Just. No.

  1. However some of your fashion choices were on point. (That means good in the future). Those Doc Martin boots that you loved but threw away because you were being bullied for wearing actually come massively back into style in a few years, loads of people wear them now. Including that one girl who bullied you the most for yours, she now has a pair of patent pink ones. You looked far better in yours babe!

  1. No you are not going to marry Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. Yes you are going to be cringe-makingly obsessed with him for a number of years so much so it borders on the point of worrying sometimes. He is married, has a baby and is far older than you I’m afraid it was never meant to be. But don’t worry eventually your obsession will go away.

  1. You are going to have so many amazing experiences. You are going to do things you never thought you would be able to, meet amazing people, go to wonderful places and smile far more than you’ll cry. There will be the hard times to get through but those always go away in the end. Oh and by the way you haven’t stopped loving Disney yet but you do grow to like vegetables.

These are just some of the things I would say to my younger self if I had the opportunity. Please leave me your thoughts on this post with a comment, maybe tell me a few things you would say to your younger self.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. this really made me smile!! love your blog! xx

    1. Aw thank you, I'm really glad you like it

      Ella xx