My Bucket List

So this is my bucket list, in case anyone doesn't know (although I'm sure everyone does) a Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you die. I think everyone does have one whether its written down or just a vague idea they have in their heads. So here is mine, enjoy!

1. Travel to Switzerland and lay flowers on Audrey Hepburn's grave.
Audrey has always been my main idol she was such a kind,caring person as well as being a stunning woman. I admire her so much so it would mean so much to me to go there and pay my respects.

2. Go to Japan.
Japan is such a beautiful country from what I have seen and Japanese culture has always been fascinating to me so going to Japan and exploring it is a must for me. Also laying a flower on the memorial at Hiroshima is important to me as I am extremely opposed to the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

3. Travel all over Europe.
There are so many places in Europe that I want to see and going InterRail-ing is a great way to see them all. My best friend Alice went InterRail-ing two years ago and I'm completely jealous of her.

4.Write a book of children's stories.
Reading is so important for children's development. But sadly I think its children reading is declining and making children want to read is something that must be brought back.

5. See My Fair Lady on the West End.
Unfortunately this one isn't on my shoulders I need someone to bring a production of My Fair Lady to the West End. It has always been my favourite musical and seeing it on the West End would be such an amazing experience.

6.See a Performance of Swan Lake.
I love ballet and Swan Lake is one of my favourites, my granddad bought me a DVD of a performance of it as well as a CD of the music as a present for getting into university. Ever since I have wanted to see it preformed on stage.

7. Hold An Orangutan 
I have no idea how I would go about this, its something I need to look into but I would adore to hold an orangutan, they are such gentle gorgeous creatures and holding one would be so incredible.

8. Spend NYE in New York
Travelling to New York and spending NYE there would be so amazing. Not just because Sex and the City (one of my favourite TV shows) was set there but because NYE in New York always look like such fun. Seeing all the famous spots in New York would be amazing.

9. Family 
This may seem like an obvious one but getting married and having a family is very important to me. I believe children are the best gift you can be blessed along with spending your life with that one special person.

10. See The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights are absolutely stunning and give me chills just looking at photos of them. So I really want to see them in the flesh, it would just be incredible.

So that is my current Bucket List I'm sure its only going to grow with time. If you would like to tell me what is on your list please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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