Lessons to Learn From Children

We are always being told to grow up/ not be so childish and this is good advice but I also think that there are many lessons that we can learn from children.

When a child is asked what it wants to be when they grow up they will tell you the truth no matter how unlikely or ambitious it seems, without fear or embarrassment, be it the next Prime Minister or an astronaut. When we get older we become more embarrassed about our ambitions and dreams so we tend to play them down even if they are well in reach. So don't give up on your dreams and don't care what people have to say about them.

How you look has to be the least important thing in the world when you are a child, you get up and maybe allow your mum to put a brush through your hair and that is the end of your beauty regime. But  for most of us when we enter our early teens how we look is everything and it becomes something to obsess and fret over. Obviously take pride in your appearance but don't let it become the thought of your every waking moment. Spend more time enjoying life like you would when you were little.

Set Backs
One story my nan always tells me is when I was little, about four or five and saw a cat across her garden so I jumped up to go and see it but on the way I fell on the concrete path and badly cut my leg. My nan rushed to look after me but before she got to me I popped back up with my massive cut, no tears and just carried on my pursuit of the cat. Set backs always happen in life but when we are little we don't let it get to us we just dust ourselves off and carry on. When we got older set backs make us want to cry and give up trying. I think we should learn from kids and when life knocks us back just get back up and carry on.

At Halloween kids dress up in order to scare people, when we get into our teens and early 20s we try our best to look sexy at Halloween, kind of ruining the fun of it all.So next Halloween put down any costume that has the word "Sexy" before it (ick) and go as something scary and not in the least bit sexy.

Anyone who has kids or has been around children knows how hard it is to get them to say "sorry" children are little cute balls of stubbornness, even if they are in the wrong. Whereas adults find themselves apologising for everything and anything even if they aren't to blame. So take after children and if its not your fault do not apologise and defend yourself.

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