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bearing NH2215 E cost in Mongolia

Sometimes, the half-cardinal points of north-east (NE), north-west (NW), The true bearing to a point is the angle measured in degrees in a clockwise direction

E-mail: [email protected] (M.M. Alam) . Figure 2: Anticonvulsant drugs bearing dihydropyrimidine ring. M.R. Ali et al. 3285 (CONH), 3259 (NH), 2215.

18 Feb 2016 The synthesis of new 3-cyano-2-substituted pyridines bearing various . arylidene hydrazide structure may exist as E/Z geometrical isomers about Yield 59 %, m.p. 202 204 °C. IR (ν, cm−1): 3397, 3168 (NH), 2215 (CN),

5 [4,3-b]carbazoles bearing a two carbon unit attached to position 11. N CO2M e CO Me 2 Despite Noland's results with what is a more sterically crowded

of difunctional ketones bearing P-electron-withdrawing gro~ps,~,~,~. (2) poly Michael .. crystals: mp 188-9 "C; IR (KBr) 3275 (NH), [2215,2100] (CzN) cm-'; MS (EI), m/e 275 (M+); 'H NMR (CDC13) 6 3.69 (s, 3 H,. CH,), 6.7 (m, 4 H, anisidyl

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Box 12613,Safat 13060, Kuwait, E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +965 .. FTIR (KBr): vmax/cm-1 : 3436 (NH), 2215 & 2193 (2CN), 1652(CO) .. friendly methodology in one pot reaction utilizing the cyanoacetamide 4 bearing both core.

1970, P 99; R. A. Abramovitch and E, P. Kyba in "The Chemistry of the. Azido Group," S. Patai, . nucleophilic substrate and an aryl azide bearing an elec- tron-attracting .. bp 175-180" (0.5 mm); ir (film) 3380 (NH), 2215 (CsN),. 830 cm-1; nmr

bearing different nitrogenous heterocyclic Moieties. . a]pyridine-6,8-dicarbonitriles (4a-e) Yield 69%; mp 205-207°C; IR, ν: 3424 , 3305 (2 NH), 2215.

rather than the sulfur-bearing ring, occurs when cinnamyl ring is activated by . Also all of compounds exhibited excellent activity toward E. coli as compared . NH), 2215 (CN), 1H.NMR (DMSOd6, d, ppm): 2.29 (s, CH3), 3.78 (s, OCH3),

positive bacteria (B. subtilis, S. lutea and S. aureus), gram-negative bacteria (E. coli ATCC 25922, E. coli ATCC. 5087, P. .. IR (cm-1): 3403, 3247 (NH), 2215 (C≡N), 1686, 1656 (2C=O). [60] In this work, benzothiazole derivatives bearing.

15 Oct 2013 the cinnamyl aromatic ring, rather than the sulfur-bearing ring, occurs . cellent activity toward E. coli as compared with the ref- erence drug

1,2,4-TRIAZOLO/1,2,4-TRIAZINOPYRIDINONES. Sch e me. 1. Chem. Pap. . With compounds bearing 5,6-diphenyl-1,2,4-triazin-3- yl moiety (XVI and XIX) the

Rolling bearings-Cylindrical roller bearings. . このは,1951 a) NU. b) NJ. c) NUP. d) N. e) NF. はのである。 1−ころ() 1.5. NJ2215. NH2215. 22. HJ2215E 75 94.5 7 11.5 1.5. NJ2215E. NH2215E. 22

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4 Cf. e.g. R. Ikan, E Hoffmann, E. D. Bergmann and A. Galun, Israel J Chem. . UV: 226 and 267 mu (log e 4-34 and 3-58) IR: 3395 cm-1 (NH); 2215 cm-' (C=N).

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