So you are headed to Prague? First of all, congrats! I am so jealous and wish I was there now. Second make sure you check out my post all about my time in Prague. Today I'm going to share with you my tips that I think will come in handy if you are off to Prague. I have only been to this amazing city once so I'm sorry that this won't be an extensive list and these tips come either form our planning beforehand or from hindsight. 

Head To Prague Castle Later On
Prague castle is definitely worth the visit but when we arrived there at about 12 in the afternoon the queue was insanely long and we would have probably been waiting at least 2 hours. However when we came back at roughly 6 in the evening there was no queue and hardly anyone around. 

Travel Is Cheap and Easy
Travelling can be daunting especially in a different country but Prague makes it very easy to get around. In the metro station or some small shops you will see machines where you can buy: 30 mins, 60 min, 90 mins, 1 day and 3 day tickets. A 90 min ticket costs 32 CZK (roughly £1) and tickets can be used on trams, buses and trains. All you have to do is validate your ticket before you get on your first mode of transportation. Your ticket will be valid from that point until your selected ticket time is up.

Dan and I had a bit of nightmare when it came to getting from the airport to our hotel. We booked a car when we booked our hotel and flight but when we arrived at the airport our driver was no where to be found. When he did eventually show up he had a go at us, drove like a maniac, talking on this phone in the pouring rain, I honestly thought I was going to die at one point.  So safe to say that we didn't fancy getting our return car back to the airport. Luckily for us getting from Old Town to the airport is super easy, all you had to do was take a train with one change then catch a bus. The trip took less than an hour so a 90 minute ticket was more than enough. 

Trdelnik Is A Tourist Trap.. But A Tasty One 
So you'll see a shop or a stall selling Trdelnik everywhere in Prague and yes they are a massive tourist trap but dear lord are they are worth it. Trdelnik is a cinnamon, sugary, hallow pastry which you can have plain or with a number of fillings: chocolate, ice cream, cream etc. We got ours for 70 CZK but I saw some being sold for 100 CZK and up so definitely shop around before picking up your Trdelnik. 

Talking The Talk 
Czech is not an easy language to learn in any respect however if you aren't fluent in the language don't panic! The majority of the people we met in Prague spoke English but obviously learn a few phrases just to be polite and show you've put in some effort. 

Bring The Cash
This may sound extremely obvious but bring enough money to see you through your trip. Let me explain; Prague is riddled with money exchange places and they are a complete rip off and you will lose so much money! 

Astrological Clock 
The astrological clock was probably my favourite thing in Prague but as it's so amazing it will have a huge crowd of people around it. Unless you head there early in the morning, we reached the clock at about 8 in the morning and there were very few people there.  

So those are my tips if you are planning on a trip to Prague. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful. 

Have you been to Prague? What are some of your travel tips? 

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Hello my lovely readers, Happy 1st of May! I hope you are all well and have been enjoying your long weekend. So recently I got paid and it was money I was actually allowed to spend so obviously I had to go into Lush. As expected waayyy too much money was spent and here are my expensive (but worth it) gains, some are things I've tried before while others are completely new products to me.

Daddy-O Shampoo
OK I'll get this one out of the way as it's a bit embarrassing as I thought it was a shower gel but it's actually a shampoo, always read the labels guys. Daddy-O seems to be geared towards blonde hair but I'll use it anyway. The colour is gorgeous, like liquid dark amethyst and the smell reminds me of parma violets. 

Big Sea Salt Shampoo
If you read my favourites from February you'll know how much I loved this shampoo so obviously I had to pick up a big pot of it. 

Tea Tree Water Toner 
I've given my skincare routine a bit of a revamp so I picked up this toner as I've heard many people say it's amazing. I'm a big fan of the smell of tea tree and I really like how refreshing this spray is. 

Cup O' Coffee Face Mask 
Oh dear lord this smells AMAZING, obviously this mask has a strong coffee scent and (to me at least) a little hint of chocolate. I've only used this mask once but after I used it I noticed such a huge change in my skin, it was so bright! 

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel 
If something has a mint scent it will end up in my basket. Dirty Springwash is minty and lemony and lathers up really well. I'm pleased I picked this shower gel and I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of it as you don't need much. 

Intergalatic Bath Bomb
My favourite bath bomb of all time so I had to pick one up. It has a minty scent and turns your bath water dark blue and the glitter makes you feel like you are floating in space. 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar 
Probably my favourite bubble bar, I always come back to this as the scent reminds me of Snow Fairy so therefore Christmas. It turns the bath water pink and produces loads of bubbles. 

Blackberry Bath Bomb 
Another bath bomb I really enjoyed when I last tried it, funnily enough it smells like blackberry (shocking I know) I can't remember what colour this turns the bath but I would assume a purple colour. 

Big Blue Bath Bomb 
I've never tried this bath bomb but I've always meant to. The scent is a mix of lemon and lavender so it's both relaxing and invigorating.

Over and Over Bath Bomb 
As soon as I smelt this bath bomb I knew I had to have it, the scent is gorgeous like orange sherbet. One side of this bomb is covered in cocoa butter so I imagine this will be really moisturising. 

So that's what I picked up in my latest trip to Lush, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and you found something you might want to try. Do you like any of these products? What did you pick up when you last went to Lush? 

Thanks for reading! 

What do you do when you have writer's block? Write about it of course! This is not a post about how to deal with writer's block (sorry!) but I wanted to share with you what's going on with me and my blog. Recently I've just been feeling really disenchanted with writing and it's shown in my blog as I have not really been posting on here. I can't really put it into words exactly but I've just seem to have lost the passion I once had for writing likes it's all been drained out of me. 

But that's the funny thing it's not all my creativity that's been sucked out of me just my writing. My passion and creativity when it comes to my art has actually seen a huge spike, so much so that I'm getting more excited and confident about opening an Etsy shop. Watch this space. 

I'm still going to be writing here on In Ella's Element but I'm just going to do it when I feel like it, no rigid schedule. That way I'm hoping I'll fall back in love with writing and my blog will feel more organic and more like me. 

I'm sorry that this post was a pretty short but I wanted to share with you my feelings and plans for this blog. 

Have any of you felt this way? What did you do to make yourself feel better? 

Thanks for reading!

Walking around Prague is like walking in the middle of a Gothic fairy tale. This is probably not an original thought but that doesn't make it any less true. The black spires that overlook the city are foreboding yet beautiful, you expect to see a winged beast fly over head to them with a sleeping princess in it's clutches. The  bells of the astrological clock chime every hour and it's the figure of Death that leads this hourly dance, only adding to the Gothic aesthetic that Prague embodies and embraces. The mysterious romance of the city has woven it's way into my heart, completely enthralling me and has me longing to return, as if I had fallen under a spell.

On our first day my boyfriend and I walked exploring the city and it's famous architecture. The clouds and rain stayed with us most of the morning but only added to the mystery and wonder that has made me fall in love with Prague.

Astrological Clock
Made in 1410 and the oldest working astrological clock in the world. The four figures represent the four aspects of life and society that were hated at the time: vanity, greed, death and lust. It's believed that should the clock not be properly maintained bad luck will fall upon the city. It's a stunning, fascinating piece of architecture and possibly my favourite thing in Prague. 

Charles Bridge 
Charles Bridge is the vein which connects Old Town to Prague Castle, with thousands of people flowing backwards and forwards. You expect to see hose drawn carriages with people in their finery going down it's length because of it's grand appearance and feel. 

Prague Castle
Not a castle in the way we may think of, more like a complex with St. Vitus cathedral in the centre . The castle is and incredible work of architecture and when the light from the setting sun hits it, it's truly breathtaking.

Petrin Tower 
Possibly the ugliest building in Prague (if you ignore the TV tower which is hated by both the locals and myself) but in honesty it's the view that you make the trek up there for. After you've paid and climbed the 300 steps you'll know what I mean.

Prague Zoo 
After our first day of continuous walking we went to Prague Zoo for another day of continuous walking. I'm always worried when I got to a zoo I've never been to. Will it be too small? Will the animals be unhappy? All I can say is after six hours of walking we still manged to miss out a section. Yeah it's HUGE and the animals have lots of space and look well looked after. 

Oh Prague you have firmly left  your mark on me and I know that one day we will be reunited. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. I will be writing a Prague travel tips post soon so keep an eye out for that. Have you been to Prague? What places have left their mark on you? 

Thanks for reading!