Happy Valentine's Day! As it's a special day and lots of us are feeling the love I thought I would share with you some music that I think will be perfect to set a mood. Music can be a valuable addition to a sexual experience. It can help allow us to explore parts of us that we may be too afraid to look into. Music can set the mood, make it easier to connect to the other person(s) or just as another fun element to whatever you may be enjoying at the time. It can also be perfect if you are going solo and want to add a layer of luxury.  

With the vast array of music in the world it's easy to find something that will fit to whatever atmosphere you're trying to create. These are a selection of songs that I find help create another layer of sensuality. There is a selection of different moods in these picks so that you can find something that will suit whatever it is you're feeling. 

Is This Real by Lisahall. I fell in love with this song from the moment I heard it on the Practical Magic soundtrack. It's slow and sensual and creates such a powerful atmosphere, really adding to the chemistry. 

Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson. Yes I know it has become a bit of a cliché of using Marilyn Manson in sexual playlist but hey this song works for me. I know people would scream at me for saying this but I think it's the best version of the song. I love how dark Marilyn makes the lyrics sound. 

Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Although the song is about unrequited love the song is so sexy and really adds to the romantic atmosphere. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found something you might want to add to your own bedroom playlist, remember everyone has different tastes so whatever puts you in the mood just go for it.

If you have any song recommendations please let me know in the comments. Have a lovely, safe Valentine's whatever you are getting up to!

Thanks for reading! 

I have not blogged in over six months but today is the beginning of a new wind for In Ella's Element. I am full with ideas, creativity and inspiration so I will be blogging frequently. However I've decided to not restrict myself to a schedule as I feel it really does not work for me and if anything it stifles my writing. 

I stopped blogging for a few reasons: firstly, that I had lost my inspiration and creative spark, I felt like I was just writing drivel and really hated my blog. In all honestly as I had fallen so out of love with blogging I didn't think I would ever start up again, but luckily the passion has returned and I'm hoping blogging will bring me as much happiness as it used to. 

Secondly, and this is a point that I wasn't going to talk about but I thought I would be honest, I felt that nobody was reading my blog. I don't get many views and this made me feel like I wasn't any good at writing and every time I uploaded a post I was just embarrassing myself. I would say that there's two factors to this: the first was that I was comparing my views to those who either blog full time or who have more time to blog, this is in no way me bitching about these people, they are incredible and I hope they keep growing and having an amazing time doing it. The other factor is that in order to get more views (and to talk to some awesome people) you have to engage with other bloggers, this is something that I struggle with. I have anxiety and one of the ways it effects me is in my social interactions, I find it hard to approach or talk to people, even if it's only online. I then feel isolated and not really part of the blogging world, it's no one's fault and it's not me looking for sympathy, it is what it is. But what I've realised is that if I get 1 view or 1000 views on a post what does it matter, as long as I enjoy writing and what it is I write about? So I will no longer worry about my views and just have fun writing. 

So what have I been up to during my hiatus? Well firstly I finished my Master's Degree with a Merit (the second highest grade),  I won't apologise for sounding like I am bragging because, let's face it, I am. It's an amazing achievement that I made myself believe (and let others make me believe) that I would never be able to accomplish. I've also been doing a lot more artwork and creating more pieces that I really love, so much so that my idea of opening an Etsy shop is looking more like a reality and less like a pipe dream. 

There will be a lot of topics that I will write about on my blog now, such as witchcraft, music, sexual relationships and so much more. I hope you will enjoy the new phase of In Ella's Element. As I won't have a schedule I will let you know when I'm uploaded a post via my Twitter so you can give me a follow there and let me know if there's anything that you might want to see here on my blog. 
Hey all, so this is the final part of my Tokyo trip. So if you want to check out the other two parts of my holiday, you can here and here. Today I'm sharing what Dan and I got up to on the last two days of our trip. 

Day 5 

Mount Takao 
So Dan and I headed up to Mount Takao which is just about an hour away from central Tokyo. We took a cable car about a quarter of the way up and then took trail 1 up to Yakuo-in Temple. Then went back down to take trail 4 all the way up to the summit, the view was stunning and because it was such a clear day we could see Mount Fuji! It was one of those moments that will stay with me forever and I found myself getting emotional. Then we took trail 6 back down to Biwa waterfall where Dan proposed! If you want to read about my engagement you can here. Going up Mount Takao was an incredible experience and it was manageable as I am in no way an experienced hiker or even in shape for that matter. So don't be put off climbing it, it's an incredible experience what you won't forget.

Day 6 

Imperial Palace Gardens 
As our plane didn't leave until 10 we had most of Saturday to ourselves. So we decided to chill out and look around the Imperial Palace Gardens. They were beautiful, although I preferred the Rikugien Gardens personally. 

Tokyo really was incredible, wonderful experience and I'm so grateful I was able to go and visit the place I've been dreaming of since I was little. I 100% recommend visiting this amazing city and discovering the culture, food, excitement and beauty of Tokyo. I know I will be going back some day.  

I hope you enjoyed this post and finding out what I got up to in Tokyo. Thanks for reading!

Hello my lovely readers, so this is the second part of my Tokyo trip. If you wanted to read what I got up to on my first two days in Tokyo, you can check that post out here. So today I'm going to let you know what I got up to on the third and fourth days of our holiday. 

Day 3 

Studio Ghibli Museum 
As you know Studio Ghibli films are a huge part of my life so going to the museum was like a dream come true. You weren't allowed to take photos of the inside but outside it was allowed. The museum is gorgeous, like a stately home covered in beautiful nature and the exhibitions are fascinating. It's amazing learning how the films come to life and I definitely recommend the museum to anyone who loves Studio Ghibli or just animation in general. 

Shinjuku Gyoen
After the museum we headed to Shinjuku National Park to rest our feet and watch the world go by. 

  Day 4

Rikugien Gardens
One of the best things about Tokyo is how one moment you are in the hub of the city then suddenly you're transported into a peaceful oasis. Rikugien gardens was one of my favourite times this happened, the gardens were so peaceful and quiet. 

Cat Cafe in Ikebukuro 
Animal cafes are huge in Tokyo and some of them I have read about seem cruel  so I was a bit worried when we went to Mocha Lounge Cat Cafe. However the second we walked in there my mind was put as ease, the cafe was huge, the cats were happy and well looked after. All the customers were being respectful and the staff were close by keeping an eye.

So that is the second part of my Tokyo trip, keep an eye out for part 3. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have you ever been to Tokyo? What did you get up? 

Thanks for reading!